Ubuntu 7.10, One Linux Distro That Just (not quite) Works!

So, it’s been a week since I upgraded my Ubuntu 7.04 to Ubuntu 7.10. The upgrade process was pretty easy. I saw one flashing button on the Update Manager window, telling me to upgrade to Ubuntu 7.10. So I clicked the button and upgrade I did. Some 1.4 GB of download later I restarted the PC and Ubuntu 7.10 was ready to run.


Not quite. The first thing that instantly bothered me was that I could no longer browse the Internet! What the hell!? I mean, there always be a bug or two… hundreds. But being unable to connect to the net is just too much for a bug. I played for a while with my network setting before I decided to go to Google for some helps. But of course, the internet connection was no longer there, so I was forced to switch to Windows XP to do just that. Talk about irony 😀

And just as I expected, there was already some posts on this particular problem. To sum it up, the solution is here. Something to do with IPv6. So I went back to Ubuntu 7.10, apply the solutions, and they worked! The internet connection is back.

I was about to forget this small issue when I stumbled upon other problems while trying to perform some basic Ubuntu operations:

  • Trouble with Synaptic / Update Manager.
  • For whatever reasons, FireFox crashes a lot now.
  • Couldn’t start VMware Player.
  • Couldn’t connect using ssh.

These glitches makes the new Ubuntu 7.10 no longer deemed as “Linux that just works“. Instead it’s now a “Linux that just works — provided you know how to patch the holes“. It’s a shame, really.

Ubuntu 7.04 managed to be a “Linux for human beings” and wins a lot of converts from Windows, including me. After all, the intended users of Ubuntu are the ones that simply want to set up Ubuntu once and proceed with their daily activities, without tinkering deeply into configuration files. Upgrading Ubuntu should not be a ticket to n00b hell.

Next step: I’m going to try a clean installation. If the same problems remain, I have no choice but to deal with the fixes. On the positive side, my current Ubuntu is quite messy anyway, so this clean installation is a necessity.

Update, November 5th 2007: Done with a clean installation. The first bug remains the same: can’t connect to the internet. Hmm… should I switch back to Ubuntu 7.04?

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